Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Biggest Loser Run/Walk and Update

I've now spent a month in the "maintenance stage". I took a couple weeks off from running and have been much more lenient on my diet. I've also, obviously, taken the month off from blogging. Unsurprisingly my weight has fluctuated a lot, but surprisingly it hasn't really increased too much. At one point through the month I was actually at 169. But, for the most part I've hovered around 175.

At first I was dreading the challenge of keeping up this new lifestyle - but I'm coming to realize it is much more fun in comparison to the previous 5 months of strict diet and rigorous exercise schedule.

One of the exciting things that has come up came from my front page article in the newspaper.

I've been approached by some folks from the actual Biggest Loser who are hosting a Run/Walk this weekend in Charleston, WV.

On Friday at 3:30 I'll be speaking with folks from Robert's Running at the Biggest Loser Expo in Charleston. Then, Saturday morning they are paying me to run the race as well as host an "inspiration station" to encourage all the contestants throughout the race.

Should be a great time. Come out to any of the events on Friday or the race on Saturday! Here's some more info.

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