Friday, May 24, 2013

Final Weigh In

Today is the end of the Biggest Loser: Charleston and so here is my final weigh in.


In just under 5 months, I've lost 57.5 pounds - exactly 25% of my original body weight.

This morning I'm going out to breakfast with the rest of the guys from the competition with our final weigh-ins to see who won the Biggest Loser. This will kickoff "Fat Friday" - a day where I get to eat whatever I want.  

I hope I won the competition! Regardless, today is a celebration

It's not just a celebration of the success in losing weight, but today is also my 4th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife, Bethany. Can't wait to celebrate with you! Thanks for helping me this first half of the year - I definitely COULD NOT have done it without you. 

It's no coincidence that the catch phrase of my blog ("so my wife will love me...") also corresponds with our anniversary being on the final day of the competition. I'm nervous and excited to see what the rest of our life looks like in this new healthy lifestyle. Either way, I'm thankful to live it with you.

Happy Anniversary, babe!


  1. Dear JB and Bethany,
    Congratulations JB on your dedication to live a healthy lifestyle! Happy Anniversary!
    I am very proud of you,

  2. Congratulations! It's so great you have made the decision to get healthy and you've done it! I saw your story in today's Daily Mail. I wanted to invite you to my group's virtual running series. You can run our "races" wherever you want and get some nifty medals for finishing them. We're a fun bunch of nerds. Check us out here: and on Facebook at . We are also on Twitter @herdofnerd

  3. Congrats on the outcome... I came across your blog awhile ago (I'm a River Ridger in TV, so hardly know a thing happening in Charleston) but kept meaning to comment.

    Now what? Don't let the blog die!?